Map wall murals gallery

A modern wall mural with a map ideally suited to the travel agency.
Wallpaper with a map for children will spice up the monotonous walls and will serve as an educational element, teaching the names of continents. |
Wallpaper murals with maps are a good idea if we are going to decorate a room with a single, expressive motif, but we are afraid that the stylization will be banal or too monotonous. Maps will work in every room and match almost any wall color. They are one of the few designs with which it is difficult to overdo it. Even the overall coverage of the walls with a wall mural and a map of the world seems stylish and on-site. If instead of the global scale, we prefer local, we can easily find a beautiful representation of city centers, regions, selected countries or even metro lines. The map theme is also very capacious and gives a great opportunity to adapt the map to our expectations.