If  you have a question that you don't see answered below please email us and we will answer your question as soon as possible and if it is a frequently asked question we will put the information in this section to help other customers.


Q: What is the price for your mural?
A: The price will depend on the size and also material (self adhesive wall mural, standard heavy duty wallpaper etc.). When you find your favourite picture please "click" on it and you will be transferred to our next page where you can specify dimensions of your wall and choose material, you will see the price at the same time. We offer self adhesive murals and also heavy duty wall murals- to be installed as a standard wallpaper, glue required.


Q:How long does delivery take from when it's ordered?
A:We deliver within approximately 15 working days (any size).


Q: Is there any quick delivery option to receive my item this week?
A: Unfortunately we do not have any "fast delivery" option.


Q: Do you send your products to other countries?
A: YES we do. If your country is not on our list simply select our ‘’rest of the world’’ option when placing your order online, please specify your country when providing us with your address details.


Q: Will wall mural come in one piece or numerous pieces?
A: Our larger murals of width more than 125cm are divided into panels. The width of each panel is approximately 125 cm.


Q: Do you provide an installation service?                                                  
A: Unfortunately we don't provide installation service. Installation can be done by painter or wallpaper hanger (we provide installation tips).


Q: We are planning to paint our room then apply one of your murals to one wall. How long should we leave the new paint before applying the mural?
A: It will depend on what type of paint you used. We would suggest to wait min 7 days.


Q: What preparation needs to be done to the wall, for maximum adhesion?
A: For a maximum adhesion make sure that the surface you want to cover is clean and dry. Fill all defects and align the wall. If your surface is dry and absorbent, you may need to paint it or seal it with a water based primer/sealer.


Q: Why do you usually print with an overlap? ; Can you please confirm that there will not be any overlap on the image from piece to piece?
A: We print our murals with a small amount of overlap to help match the pattern across panel seams. We can print "edge to edge" with no overlap, no problem (please place your comment "edge to edge" in our comment section when placing your order online).


Q: We are wishing to purchase your Wall mural in the following sizes, however have a few queries. 2300 mm vertical, 6700 mm horizontal. Are these dimensions possible? What effect will it have on the pixelation, if any?
A: These dimensions are possible, no problem, however you must remember that it is very important to resize image proportionally to keep aspect ratio. When you “click” on the picture of your choice you will be transferred to the next page where you can specify dimensions in cm. At the same time you will see the “crop box” on the picture on the left side that will change its size depending on required dimensions. This is to keep the aspect ratio without stretching the image when changing the size. You can also move this box. Only what’s in the box will be printed. We can of course stretch the picture if you wish but it will change the natural proportions and might not look natural.
We use a high quality (high resolution) pictures so there is a very little impact on quality (pixelation).


Q: Our wall space is 359cm x 240cm.  Should we order this size or slightly larger and trim?
A: It's up to you but if your wall mural will be applied properly there is no need.


Q: Do you do full size door stickers that look like an old wooden barn door (or any other pattern)?
A: Yes it is possible, but first you have to find your favourite image. To find your favourite image please use our "search box" at the top of our main page of our website or check our galleries. Once you find your image simply click on it and you will be transferred to our next page where you can specify dimensions of your door and crop your image as you like.


Q: Is it possible to 'crop' a mural while still having a large size... i.e. have a large mural showing a certain part of the mural shown on the website.
A: If you wish to fill a vertical wall space we would recommend our vertical images, the same if you wish to fill a horizontal wall space we would recommend our horizontal images. Cropping will degrade the quality to some degree so the less cropping the better.


Q: I have a set of wardrobes across an entire wall surface. Can I cover it?
A: Yes it is possible. We print on self adhesive vinyl which is quite flexible and has a very strong glue.



Q: Are these Murals of high quality?
A: Yes. We use Latex inks which are the best possible inks on the market (non toxic , water based, odourless). We print using Latex 3000 HP printer. We print on self adhesive vinyl or heavy duty wallpaper-to be installed as a standard wallpaper, glue required.


Q: Can you advise on the picture quality - how clear and precise is the image?
A: We are connected to Fotolia photo bank, we have a very good quality and high resolution pictures.


Q: Is your wallpaper removable?
A: Our wall murals are printed on self adhesive permanent vinyl. However, if you wish to purchase removable wall mural please give us this information in our 'comment section" when placing your order online so we will use our removable material (the price will remain the same).


Q: When you type in your dimensions, its simple cuts off the photo as opposed to shrinking it to the size you want so you lose half the photo? Please advise.
A: Let’s say you have a square image and you want to fit it into a desired rectangle frame. You will basically be stretching your image to fit into that frame. To get your required dimensions we would need to stretch this picture a little bit or crop it. However, if you wish to order the full image without cropping please leave a comment in our "comment section": FULL IMAGE PLEASE when placing your order online so we will rescale your image to the required size.


Q:What resolution/how many pixel quality should the JPG be (your own picture)?
A: For all our wall murals resolution 300 dpi images would work best. You can email us your image and we will tell you if it's of a good quality.


Q: I wonder if I could send you the photo to make sure that that it has the right quality for a wall mural of this size before I order and pay for it. As we don't want to order and pay for it and then find when it arrives that it is blurry and out of focus. How can I attach the photo for you to look at?
A: We can check your image before you place your order (free of charge). Simply attach your image to your email and send it to us (use email address from Contact page) so we will let you know if it's of a good quality for a large format print.


Q: I have been looking at ...(any picture on our website)...  and it is really blury ; Is there a high resolution photo of it . . .does it turn out clear?
A: Our website is connected to Fotolia photo bank and all our pictures on our website are comp images only. Once we receive your order we purchase a high resolution picture of your choice from Fotolia and print it then. All the pictures are high resolution and are perfect for a large format print.


Q: I intend to use one of your photos as the basis for one of your wall murals but I would like to add some text. Is this possible?
A: Yes it is. Please place your order online with the picture and dimensions of your choice. When you click on "Buy Now" we will receive your order details and you will receive our order confirmation at the same time. DO NOT pay yet.  In our "comment section" place your comment ADDITIONAL TEXT. Then send us an email giving us all details so we will add your text to the picture and will send you our confirmation email. Once you are happy with the final result we will send you all the payment details (link for Paypal Secured Payment).


Q:Can I make bank transfer payment?
A: Yes. Please select an option  ''pay by Bank Transfer''. When you "click" BUY NOW button you will receive an email with order confirmation and our bank details.


Q: I am trying to buy one of your wall murals but cannot find how to order and pay via PayPal.
A: "Step by step" on how to place your order below:
1. Choose your picture
2. "Click" on the picture of your choice
3. Type in dimensions, choose material etc.
4. "Click" on  "add to card"
5. "Click" on the basket at the top of the page
6. Provide your billing details
7. "Click" on "buy now" button and you will be transferred to PayPal pages to complete your payment.
After completing your payment you will receive our confirmation through email and also invoice for your purchase within 2 working days.


Q: I am trying to purchase this mural but it will not accept my PayPal payment. Can I make a phone payment please?
A: Unfortunately we do not accept payments over the phone.  If you have tried two different cards and it doesn't accept your payment chances are that you actually do own a PayPal account and that your credit card is associated with that PayPal account. If this is the case, then you will only be able to pay with that card by logging into your PayPal account. If this is too much trouble please try to use a different card.


Q: I have created my account but when I try to login, I get a message my password is incorrect.
A: To activate your account you need to "click" on our confirmation link that has been sent to your email address provided by you when your account was created. If you cannot find this email in your INBOX please check SPAM as emails get sent to spam sometimes.


Q: Can you do visualisation?
A: If you email us the picture of the wall you are planning to use for your wall mural, we can digitally place the mural onto the wall so you can see what it might look like in your room.


Q: Can you print from a printed photograph or does it have to be digitised?
A: It has to be digitised. We do not print from a printed photographs.



Q: I have a question that's easier to explain on the phone.
A: Due to a large volume of enquiries we would appreciate if you could try to explain your inquiry via email and we will do our best to advise and answer as soon as possible.