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Matt Wall Mural Art Self Adhesive
Matt Wall Mural Art Self Adhesive
Gloss Wall Mural Art Self Adhesive
COMMERCIAL Heavy Duty Wallpaper
!!! MASTER CANVAS !!! wallpaper

Matt Wall Mural Art Self Adhesive

Quick Room Makeover: Thanks to the ease of application and the vast selection of designs, self-adhesive wallpapers allow for a quick and impactful change of a room's appearance without the need for a time-consuming renovation.
Ease of Application: Self-adhesive wallpapers come with an adhesive back, eliminating the need for additional glue. This makes their application quicker and cleaner, perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking to change their room's decor on their own.
No Mess: Since there's no need for external glue, applying self-adhesive wallpapers creates significantly less mess. There's no risk of spilling glue or the need to clean tools and surfaces afterward.
Wall Protection: These wallpapers can also serve a protective function, safeguarding walls from minor damages or stains. They are easy to clean, which is an additional advantage.

We only use latex inks (No odour, no toxic).


Gloss Wall Mural Art Self Adhesive

Quick Room Makeover
Ease of Application
No Mess
Wall Protection

Self-adhesive wallpapers with a glossy finish have several advantages that differentiate them from matte-finish wallpapers. Here are some of them:
Better Light Reflection: Wallpapers with a glossy finish reflect light better than their matte counterparts. This makes rooms appear brighter and more spacious, which is especially beneficial in smaller or poorly lit spaces.
Interior Brightening: Glossy surfaces can add brightness and elegance to an interior, making it cozier and aesthetically more appealing. The brightening effect can also highlight the unique architectural features of a room.
Visual Space Enlargement: Similar to mirrors, glossy wallpapers can create the illusion of a larger space by reflecting light. This makes them an excellent choice for decorating smaller rooms.
Ease of Cleaning: Glossy surfaces are usually easier to keep clean compared to matte ones. Stains and dirt may be more noticeable on glossy wallpapers, but they are equally easy to remove, which is crucial in spaces prone to frequent soiling, such as kitchens or bathrooms.
Enhancement of Decorative Elements: A glossy finish can enhance the visual effect of patterns and colors, making the wallpaper more expressive and dynamic. This can be a way to add character to an interior without the need for additional decorative elements.
Modern Look: Glossy finishes are often associated with modernity and luxury. Choosing wallpaper with a glossy finish can give an interior a modern and stylish character.
In summary, self-adhesive wallpapers with a glossy finish offer not only practical benefits, such as ease of cleaning and better light reflection, but also aesthetic ones, including interior brightening, visual space enlargement, and the enhancement of elegance and modernity of the space.

We only use latex inks (No odour, no toxic).


COMMERCIAL Heavy Duty Wallpaper

Commercial-grade thick wallpaper, type where adhesive is applied directly to the wall instead of the wallpaper, offers numerous advantages that make it an attractive solution for business spaces such as hotels, restaurants, or stores. Here are some of the main benefits:

Ease of Application: Applying adhesive directly to the wall rather than the wallpaper significantly simplifies and speeds up the wallpapering process. It allows for an even spread of glue and prevents the formation of air bubbles under the wallpaper.
Durability: Thick commercial wallpapers are designed to withstand heavy use in public spaces. They are resistant to mechanical damage, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.
Ease of Maintenance: Due to their thickness and structure, these types of wallpapers are easy to keep clean. 
Invisible Joints: Due to the method of adhesive application and the thickness of the material, the joints between individual strips of wallpaper are practically invisible, ensuring an aesthetic and uniform appearance of the wall.
Aesthetics and Adaptability: Thick commercial wallpapers are matching with various interior styles. This enables the creation of a unique atmosphere in any commercial space.
Acoustic Properties: Thick commercial wallpapers may also offer additional benefits, such as sound insulation, which is especially beneficial in noisy spaces such as restaurants or hotel lobbies.
Fire Resistance: Thick commercial wallpapers have a fire resistance rating, which is an important safety aspect in public spaces.

Choosing thick commercial wallpaper that is applied by spreading adhesive on the wall is a practical and aesthetic solution for many business environments, providing durability, ease of maintenance, and an attractive look for a long time.
Of course, there's nothing to prevent using commercial-grade wallpaper in a home setting. Doing so would ensure a durable and long-lasting decoration that meets the needs of even the most demanding customer, providing an ideal solution tailored to personal preferences.

TECHNICAL INFO: Approx. 350 g/m² heavy, PVC coated non-woven, sand texture, Approx. 500 µm thick, good scratch resistance, fire classification according to EN 13501-1 (class B - s1, d0 / hardly flammable), B1 test certificate according DIN 4102-1; CE marking / EN 15102:2007+A1:2011; Printed on HP Latex 3000. We only use latex inks (No odour, no toxic).



Our OUTDOOR wall murals are increasing in popularity thanks to their numerous advantages and versatility of application. Here are some key benefits of using them, as well as examples of where they can be applied:

Benefits of Self-Adhesive Wallpapers with Laminate

Damage Resistance: Thanks to the laminate layer, these wallpapers are more resistant to abrasions and other mechanical damages, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.
Moisture and UV Radiation Resistance: Lamination provides protection against moisture and the negative effects of UV radiation, ensuring that the wallpapers retain their color and structure for many years.
Ease of Cleaning: The ability to clean them wet and scrub them is invaluable, especially in places prone to dirt, such as kitchens or bathrooms.
Quick and Easy Installation: The self-adhesive layer facilitates wallpaper application, eliminating the need for additional glue. This practical solution allows for a quick and clean installation.
Aesthetics: A wide selection of patterns and colors allows matching the wallpaper to any interior, giving it a unique character and atmosphere.

Where They Can Be Applied

Gardens: permanent adhesive are characterized by long-lasting adhesion, providing durable and stable wall decorations without the need for frequent renewal.
Kitchens: Moisture resistance and ease of cleaning make them an excellent choice for kitchens, where dirt often occurs.
Bathrooms: Similar to kitchens, moisture resistance and ease of maintenance are key for bathrooms.
Public Spaces: In high-traffic areas, such as restaurants, hotels, or offices, wallpapers with laminate provide durability and aesthetics for a long time.
Children's Rooms: Resistance to damage and ease of cleaning make them also suitable for children's rooms, where walls are often exposed to dirt.
In summary, our OUTDOOR self-adhesive wallpapers with laminate offer not only aesthetic enhancement of space but also practical benefits, such as resistance to various external factors and ease of maintenance. They are the ideal solution for those who seek both functionality and style.


!!! MASTER CANVAS !!! wallpaper

Introducing a material that redefines luxury and innovation at its finest! It represents the highest standard of materials available in the market.

*Self Adhesive - optimum adhesion
*Unique finish "Master's Canvas" effect
*Easy to handle and easy to install
*Great opacity
*Quick Room Makeover
*No Mess
*Wall Protection
*Visual Space Enlargement

*Interior design - Homes or Businesses
*Boutique premises, hotels, restaurants,
*Commercial spaces, work spaces and more.

Our unique blend of classic and modern technologies creates an incredible finish we call the "Master's Canvas" effect, perfect for those who demand the best. Not only is it easy to handle and install, but it also boasts optimum adhesion power, ensuring a seamless application. The richness and depth of this material will transform any space, leaving you with a sense of awe and joy that lasts for years. Elevate your home or business with a touch of luxury that's truly one-of-a-kind.
Our Master's Canvas material is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. It is a perfect combination of classic and modern technologies, creating an unparalleled finish that exudes luxury and sophistication. The intricate details and depth of this material will leave you mesmerized, truly making it a masterpiece.
Not only does our Master's Canvas offer an aesthetically pleasing look, but it also has incredible durability and longevity. No matter where you choose to use it, whether it's in your home or business, this material will continue to impress for years to come. Its strong adhesion power ensures a seamless application, leaving no room for imperfections.
You can truly elevate any space with our Master's Canvas, adding an element of luxury that is unmatched by any other material. Whether you're looking to create a statement wall in your living room or add a touch of elegance to your office space, our Master's Canvas has got you covered.
But it doesn't stop there. Our Master's Canvas is also environmentally friendly and sustainable, making it the perfect choice for those who value both style and responsibility. We take great pride in using materials that are not only high-quality, but also have a minimal impact on the environment. With our Master's Canvas, you can enhance your space while also making a positive contribution to the planet.



Order samples for $5 (delivery charge) and with them, you'll receive a $15 discount on your next order. To assess the quality of our materials, we encourage you to order samples of all available materials on our website. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the quality of the material and the print. You can try out the samples on the wall where you plan to apply the wallpaper. 

Benefits of ordering our samples:

Quality Testing: Samples let you assess the product's quality without having to invest in the full-size version. This is particularly important for expensive purchases.
Product Experience: You can try out the product to see how it works and if it meets your expectations. This gives you a unique opportunity to test the product under real usage conditions.
Money Saving: Instead of buying a full-size product and risking disappointment, samples allow you to save money if the product doesn't work out.
Double Savings: With the sample, you'll receive a $15 discount, further saving money.
Choice Personalization: Samples enable experimentation with various options, which is especially useful for finishing materials.
Convenient Comparison: Samples allow for easy comparison of competing products, aiding in making an informed purchasing decision.
Waste Reduction: Samples prevent the wastage of full-size products if they turn out to be unsuitable, benefiting both the consumer and the environment.
Ordering Process Familiarity: By ordering a sample, you’ll become acquainted with the ordering process in our store, making it easier for you to place an order for a full-size product later.

As you can see, ordering our samples offers numerous benefits for both you and us. Our aim is to meet your expectations, and samples certainly make it easier for you to make the right choice, providing peace of mind that you’ve selected exactly what you were looking for.
Samples will not be printed from the image you selected; they are already printed and cut in order to expedite their shipping. We cannot print samples of each individual image because we purchase a separate license for the use of each image in printing. We hope you understand this and that it will not be an issue.
Happy shopping!

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