Children wall murals gallery

Wall Murals for a small child are captivating with colours, joy which emanates from them and interesting patterns that intrigue every child. In our collection for children there are numerous proposals with a dedication for girls and for boys. | Cars or trains with a trip of cute animals, branches that are teeming with bird life, dolls, rompers, teddy bears, colourful balls, balloons, rainbow gardens, blooming trees - the choice may be difficult when you have so many beautiful graphics. But do not worry, your child will definitely help you decide, indicating the pattern that he will like the most.
The children's room should not be boring! It will not happen if you decorating the walls with one of our wallpaper mural.
If you're looking for a subtle decoration for your daughter's room, put on a wall mural with a delicate floral pattern.
The key to choosing a wallpaper for a child's room should be universality, going beyond the rigid frame of boredom. Colourful wallpaper murals for a children's room with fairy-tale, unreal motives will create an oasis of peace and a carefree atmosphere. The perfect solution for a toddler's bedroom!
The effect of the transition to the other side of the mirror fascinates the small and the larger and brings with it a number of added values, such as the optical enlargement of the room and a striking, unique visual effect. The girls are happy to choose pastel, delicate colours and small patterns for wallpapers for the children's room: butterflies, flowers, fruits. During the colour decisions, the age of the child is also important.