Abstract Wall Murals Gallery

A particularly interesting, eclectic effect is the combination of an abstract photo wallpaper with the rest of the arrangement maintained in the vintage style. | Wall murals in abstract patterns are also a good, subtle solution when planning to decorate an office or other workplace. Properly selected will be both a nice diversion and an elegant addition to the rest of the decor: depending on the pattern we decide on, introducing to the inside a breath of purpose and professionalism or creative slack. It's exactly the same with home rooms. We can decorate the living room with a vivid pattern of intense colours, bedrooms - for a change something, which shapes us soothingly, for example with subtle, rhythmic and not too harsh patterns. We find abstracts almost everywhere, so why should we leave them in the kitchen? The interior with the character can look even more interesting, when the wall between the cabinets standing and hanging will be a 3D photo wallpaper abstraction. Coloured patches, slops and careless brush movements on the graphics will make the interior look more dynamic. Wall mural abstraction and other graphic visualizations add to the interior of fresh, positive energy.